Anti-Money Laundering Checks


As Estate Agents we are legally obliged, under Anti-Money Laundering Legislation, to confirm the identity of everyone buying and selling property, including anyone gifting deposits, Company Directors, Executors, or Trustees involved in the transaction.

We use a third-party company called Landmark to carry out these checks on our behalf using a system called Credas, to verify basic details using electronic data (It is not a credit check of any kind, and so will have no effect on you or your credit history). 

We make a small charge to cover the cost of this third-party service, £20 for an individual or £30 if more than one person is buying. In order to collect this payment, please make payment below using the secure online payment service Stripe.

Following this, you will receive a second link asking you to carry out the identification process via facial recognition from Credas. It will guide you through the steps, but if at any stage you are at all unsure, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Please note it is important to undertake the checks promptly, as the sale process cannot start until the Anti-Money Laundering process has been completed.

Please choose which payment option you require from the dropdown and enter your payment reference.