Energy Performance information at Hackney & Leigh

Energy Performance

What Is On The EPC Report?

It will suggest improvements, like cavity wall and loft insulation to make your house more efficient and reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. It will also:

  • Indicate how much the improvements will cost
  • Indicate potential cost savings per year, if the improvements are made
  • Indicate if the improvements are eligible for finance under the Green Deal

You don’t have to act on the recommendations in the report. However, if you decide to do so, it could make your property more attractive for sale or rent by making it more energy efficient.

What Is An EPC?

An EPC is a document that summarises the energy performance of a building and makes recommendations as to how its energy efficiency can be improved.

An EPC displays Energy Ratings graphs, similar to those found on washing machines and fridges with a D Rating being the average for Britain.

The Ratings are standardised so that the energy efficiency of one building can easily be compared with another building. Each rating is based on the performance of the building itself and its services (such as heating and lighting), but doesn’t include the domestic appliances within it.

When Are They Required?

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) are required by law when:

  • You put your property on the market for sale or rental
  • You sell your property privately
  • You create a new tenancy on your property
  • You do major building works to your property
  • You want to improve your property using the Green Deal
  • You want to install a renewable source of energy into your home e.g. solar panels, ground source heat pump

Who Produces Them?

The EPC is produced by a Domestic Energy Assessor, who visits the property to collect certain information, which is then used to produce the report. The Assessor is accredited with a Government body, to ensure fully independent reports are produced.

How Much Do They Cost?

At Hackney & Leigh we charge you £120 (including VAT) for the Energy Assessor to visit your property and produce the EPC Report. The energy performance certificate for your property is valid for 10 years assuming that no material alterations are made to the property.
If you would like to arrange for the Energy Assessor to visit your property please contact us, alternatively feel free to email using the contact form on the next tab.

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