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Get your home ready for Christmas guests

The festive season is upon us, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to transform your home into a warm and inviting haven for guests.
Deck the Halls:
Start by adorning your home with festive decorations. Hang twinkling lights, drape garlands, and strategically place ornaments to create a cozy and spirited atmosphere. A well-decorated space instantly sets the mood for a joyous celebration.
Warm Welcome at the Door:
Impress your guests from the moment they arrive with a welcoming entrance. Consider placing a festive wreath on your front door and adding some seasonal touches like lanterns.
Create a Cozy Ambience:
Make your living spaces inviting by adding plush throws and cushions. A warm and cozy ambience encourages guests to relax and enjoy. Consider lighting some scented candles or a crackling fire for that extra touch of warmth.
Prepare the Guest Room:
If you have overnight guests, ensure that the guest room is comfortable and inviting. Fresh linens, extra blankets, and a few thoughtful touches, such as Christmas themed decor or a small gift, this will make your guests feel right at home.
Stock Up on Festive Treats:
‘Tis the season for indulgence, so stock up on festive treats and snacks. Create a designated space with a variety of goodies for guests to nibble on.
Play Jolly Tunes:
Create a playlist of festive tunes to spread the holiday cheer throughout your home. Christmas music has a magical way of uplifting spirits and creating a joyful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.
Prepare a Signature Drink:
Treat your guests to a special beverage. It could be a signature cocktail, a comforting cup of hot cider, or even a festive mocktail for non-drinkers. Having a unique drink adds a personal touch to the celebration.
Caring about you and your property,

Make Your Rental Property Spill, Pet, and Child-Proof!

Properties endure daily wear and tear, from scuffed walls to dirty floors. But there are ways to safeguard your property against life’s little mishaps.


Choose paint that is wipe-able and resistant to scuffs.

The higher the sheen of paint, the tougher the finish tends to be, although manufacturers are increasing the number of shades available in a resilient matt finish.

A limewash finish is great for high-traffic areas. The natural lines are great for masking scuffs.

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