How to keep your home mould free

As energy prices remain high, it can be tempting to turn down our thermostats and add extra layers to save money! While this is a cost-effective approach, it can cause more costly, longer term issues: increased susceptibility to mould in our homes.

Here are four strategies to combat dampness and condensation, the primary culprits behind mould growth:

1. Control Moisture Levels: Reduce the amount of moisture that is produced in your home. Take shorter showers, avoid drying clothes indoors, and consider using a dehumidifier. Even in winter, properties should be vented with windows open, particularly in bedrooms!

2.Ventilation: Ensure that your property has adequate ventilation, especially in areas prone to moisture, particularly kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms.

3. Heating: Experts recommend never letting the temperature of your home fall below 14°C in order to prevent mould. However experts also suggest properties should maintained a balance heat of between 18 – 20’C to prevent mould growth.

4. Insulation: Properly insulate your property to retain warmth and prevent cold surfaces on which condensation will form.

Caring about you and your property!