Surveys at Hackney & Leigh


Hackney and Leigh do not undertake surveys, although we do provide a comprehensive professional valuation service. You may however wish to consider commissioning a survey of your prospective new home.

The Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors ( approve three types of survey:

Level 1 RICS Condition Report

The Condition Report is ideal for a conventional house flat or bungalow and includes the “traffic light” style rating of the condition of the various parts of the building, services etc. It does not include a valuation, although the Homebuyer Report may do (see below).

Level 2 RICS Homebuyer Report

This mid-level Homebuyers Report is similar to the Condition Report but is slightly more in-depth and may include an insurance/reinstatement value alongside the market valuation. You should discuss your requirements with the surveyor concerned.

Level 3 RICS Building Survey

The Building Survey is more suitable for older properties, those that are in some disrepair or when planning major alteration works. It a technical report and is more detailed in the advice it provides; whilst it does not necessarily include a valuation, most surveyors would be happy to advise on the value as an additional service.


Fees will vary depending on the level of inspection required, the age, size and value of the property. Not all properties are the same, nor are all surveyors, so should you require a survey of a property which interests you we would be happy to direct you to a suitable specialist.

Although Hackney & Leigh no longer provide surveys, you can contact any of our nine offices throughout the region for further information and guidance.