Property Development at Hackney & Leigh

Property Development

Hackney & Leigh have been closely involved in the Residential Development market in South Lakeland for over 30 years and are proud to have been able to represent the very best developers in the region over that time and to have acted for landowners both large and small in the disposal of Residential building land very often from the earliest of planning stages.

The subject of this sector of the housing market is complex, ever changing and often very challenging.

For the landowner some questions will be:

Can I get planning permission on my land or in my garden?

  • Will the open fields be included for development?
  • Will occupation restrictions apply and will they have an effect on value?
  • Will there be a request for a given number of affordable homes if planning permission is sought?
  • Will there be a requirement for a community infrastructure on the site?
  • If I do sell off part of my garden how will it effect the value of my retained property?

For the developer some questions will be:

    • What is the right mix of property types for the site?
    • What will be the method used for calculating value of the affordable home content?
    • How will the different occupancy requirement affect the value of the built homes?
    • Do the existing planning policies of the local authorities suggest a planning application code be successful for a change of use on existing buildings?
    • Which planning consultant should I use?
    • Which engineers will best advise on the ground conditions service capabilities?

If you need help on any of these areas, or indeed any others related to property development, please do not hesitate to contact us on the form on the next tab.

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