Tenants at Hackney and Leigh

Moving Guide

Having an offer accepted on a new home is an exciting event, relish the moment but put the champagne on ice. There is the big day to prepare for. Moving day can be stressful but with some thought and preparation it can be very enjoyable too; below is list of some of the things that will need organising.

Early Preparation

Removal companies

Always get a few quotes from different companies to compare prices and the level of service you receive. A recommendation is always good, so if you know someone who has moved recently why not ask how good the removal company they used was.

Don’t forget to tell everyone!

I’m sure you will have already told family and friends but there is a near endless list of organisations to inform. Here are a few.

  • The private companies you use everyday for the gas, electricity, water, telephone/internet, mobile phone, television licensing, satellite/cable company etc
  • The post office to redirect your mail
  • The banks, building societies, credit/store cards, investment, pension and insurance companies
  • The doctor, the dentist, the optician and vet
  • The council tax office for your old and new house, DVLA and the electoral register
  • Others may include schools, employers, professional bodies, the gym, the library, mailing lists/subscriptions, the window cleaner and milkman

Too early to pack?

Maybe, but it’s not too early to have a good clear out and take unwanted items to a charity shop or the tip; the council may be able to help with larger objects. Then you can pack up all those rarely used possessions that can be found in the loft, shed, cellar and garage.

The freezer

Your freezer will need to be defrosted before the move; now is the time to start planning your meals around the contents.

The neighbours

Don’t forget to tell the neighbours you are moving and that there may be some inconvenience on the moving day, especially if you need extra space for the removal van to park.

Once The Move Date Is Known


Confirm the time and date with the removal company.

The essentials

Prepare a moving day bag with the essentials; a kettle, tea, coffee, biscuits, teaspoon, cups (enough for the removal men too), toilet roll, medicines, something for lunch and anything you will need for the first night in your new home e.g. clean bedding.

Pay bills

  1. Pay any outstanding bills for the milkman, gardener and window cleaner and don’t forget to take any library books back.
  2. Make sure you have good directions to give to the removal men, particularly in rural areas where satellite navigation systems will only get you so far and may even send the van along an unsuitable lane.
  3. A day or so before start dismantling furniture and taking down curtains, except your bed.
  4. Prepare a file with some handy notes on how things work, the utility companies and all the instructions for the new owners. Even if it’s been a stressful sale, a kind gesture now and leaving a clean house will gain their help if anything is forgotten or post goes astray.
  5. Is child care required? You may wish for your children to be involved with the move; however you may decide that younger children may be best placed with family or friends.
  6. Pets may find the day of the move stressful too, can they stay at a family or friends’ house for a day or so?

The Day Of The Move

  1. Check you have given the removers the directions.
  2. Point out or mark any items that need extra care.
  3. Provide the removal men with plenty of tea and biscuits. It will go a long way in making for a smooth move especially if you need a little extra help that is over and above their normal duties.
  4. Once the van is loaded, do a final check around the house, check you have locked windows and everything is turned off.
  5. Take the meter readings.
  6. Lock up and take the keys to Hackney & Leigh if required.

Upon Arrival At Your New Home

  1. Put the kettle on, even if you have just moved around the corner. It’s best to have a break now before unloading commences.
  2. Once unloading has finished and all the large items are in the correct rooms, check the van.
  3. Take the meter readings, make the beds and rinse the cups.
  4. Crack open the champagne, I’m sure the rest can wait until morning.