How to declutter….fast!

Do you have unexpected guests or a last minute viewing and need to tidy-up your home fast? Follow these quick tips to get your home looking shipshape in no time!

Clear Surfaces: Remove items from work surfaces and tables in the main areas, like the living room and kitchen and give them a quick wipe clean.

Use Clutter Baskets: Place baskets or bins in each room. Quickly gather and toss clutter into them. Sort and put things away after your guests leave.

Hide Personal Items: Stash personal items like toiletries or paperwork in drawers or cabinets.

Entrance Clean-up: Neatly organise shoes, coats, and clutter near the front door to create a welcoming entry.

Arrange Soft Furnishings: Straighten pillows, fold blankets neatly, and arrange cushions to make your home look and feel cared for and organised.

These quick steps will help you create a welcoming and clutter-free environment for your guests with minimal effort.

Caring about you and your property!