How to give your home a modern minimalistic makeover

The word ‘minimalism’ used to bring to mind stark, empty spaces containing functional, unfussy furniture that were often devoid of personality. Nowadays, the clutter-free vibe remains but, with the addition of some Scandi- and Japanese-inspired accents, it is now warmer and earthier. 

Add natural colours

Avoid the clinical feel of old-style minimalism by introducing rugs, lights, vases and soft furnishings in natural colours. Rattan lampshades, wool rugs and unvarnished wood tables are ideal for this.

Open shelving

Rather than cluttering your room with bulky furniture, create more visual space with open, uncluttered units.


Shutters provide the perfect solution as they look both streamlined yet add character to a room.


This is key to maintaining the minimalist look. Opt for wall-hung cabinets to keep your floor space open and uncluttered while keeping your belongings tucked out of site.

Would you try this in your home?

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