Lockdown with a Difference

Another national lockdown is in place, but this time round there are some significant differences to earlier in the year, and we are all trying to fathom out exactly what it means for each of us, and more importantly how it will impact our lives!

One of the big differences within the world of property is that, while we still had a small team in place throughout the first lockdown, looking after the hundreds of properties we manage for clients, we were unable to show people around the fabulous homes we have for sale and to rent, or indeed come out and give advice and guidance to those thinking about making a change, and wanting to buy, sell, rent or improve their home.

This time around (with the right precautions and procedures in place!), we are able to come and share our knowledge and help those of you who have decided the time is right to make a move.

In line with government guidance, and with the health and safety of those involved always in mind, we can continue:

  • Showing you a home to buy or rent (Please do take a look at our video walkthroughs and virtual tours of the property before you book an appointment to view).
  • Valuing your home, and sharing our knowledge and experience, on how to make sure you present every aspect of it at its very best, in order to achieve your goals and timescales.
  • Advising you as a landlord on the best monthly rent you can achieve, and how to make sure you comply with the multitude of safety and other requirements, meaning you can get onto the buoyant rental market as quickly as possible.
  • Advising and assisting you in accepting the best offers to buy or rent your property.
  • Assisting you with instructing solicitors to start the legal process once terms are agreed for the purchase of a home.
  • Preparing the documentation required in order to professionally rent a property, including the AST agreements, references, safety certificates and financial checks, so you can move into your new rental home knowing all of the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.
Whilst at the moment, sadly not all of the businesses in our local communities are able provide you with the wonderful products and services they have on offer, the property market is still open for business, and all the team at Hackney & Leigh are here helping our existing clients, and keen to help new ones to achieve success, should they decide to buy, sell, or rent in the coming weeks and months.
At Hackney & Leigh we really do mean what we say, and whether you want to email, phone or make an appointment to come and see us, and we are here for you, Caring about you and your property!
As ever, stay safe.