Market Update

Buying & Selling in a fast-moving market.


Firstly, what is a buyer in today’s fast-moving market?

The vast majority of those currently buying, are people who are able to exchange contracts quickly, either because they are first time buyers with a mortgage offer already in place, or because they have sold their own home and are renting (or staying with family), or they simply have the cash to exchange and complete!

Such is the pace of things at the moment, that a buyer in today’s market needs to get into one of those categories above, if they are to stand a chance of securing their next home!


A seller on the other hand, is someone who really wants to move from their existing home, or sell a property to liquidate funds.

A seller may even be someone who is prepared to sell and rent, if the right buyer for their own property comes along!

A seller (and a buyer) might say “the market has been so busy lately, that there are few properties available to view”, but this will remain the case unless sellers take a positive approach and increase the supply of available homes!

Get prepared!

Even in the almost overheated market we currently have, both the buyer and seller can achieve their aims if they really want to.

The more both a buyer and seller can do to prepare, and get all the elements lined up ahead of time (whether it’s the mortgage offer, the title deeds, or the myriad of other documents relating to the property), will only serve to help give them that edge over the competition!

If we can be of any assistance to help get you ready, or guide you through any of the processes, please do not hesitate to give one of the team a call.

Caring about you and your property!