Strange Times…

We are indeed in remarkable times – life changing, very sad, hopeful, frightening, unprecedented (in most people’s lifetime) – and all at the same time!

There are also an increasing number of positive stories staring to circulate; hope around vaccination, schools reopening (yes please!), holidays, and the economy rebounding.

The local property market (both Sales and Lettings) here in our beautiful part of the world are also experiencing unprecedented demand, and can be described with confidence by the word ‘vibrant’ (can you tell I have been helping with home schooling?) – so much so, that some new listings are attracting more than one buyer (six on one home!) who are ready willing and able to proceed, and we are receiving multiple applications on nearly all of the new lettings properties going live!

This has left the local housing market with more houses that are ‘sale agreed’ than ‘available for sale’, and a lack of new rental properties to meet the demand!

There are of course (understandably) those not keen to be on the market right now, but others, maybe unsure of what to do, should ask themselves, “I am thinking of selling in 2021, so should I put my house up for sale now, and take advantage of all those buyers out there wanting to agree a purchase but with not enough houses to look at!”, or, “my house is empty and I still have bills to pay, should I rent it out for a few months (or longer!)”.

Of course, you know what’s coming next – our team are here and ready to help you, whichever option you are considering!

We can start by creating the all-important virtual tour of your property, and getting you some viewings, whether virtual or in person (and quite probably the day you go live on the market!), then help and guide you along the rest of your property journey.

We have tried, tested, and reviewed safety procedures in place for valuations, photography and viewings, and many of the Sales and Lettings we are putting together, are getting started as soon as a buyer or tenant sees our video tour!

Contact one of our 9 local offices, and see if we can help you too!

As ever, stay safe.