What is Around the Corner?

Like many of you, we were on the edge of our seats, waiting for the PM’s statement on Sunday, and the effect it would have, one way or another, on all of us while we wait for more details.

Based on the enquiries and activity levels, we are continuing to have a positive approach to the property market in our area.

The rented sector in particular continues to be active, so much so, that we are bringing back more team members from furlough (albeit to work from home!), so we can continue to help those needing a place to live and rent.

Sales and completions are also still taking place where possible, and the really good news, is that there are plenty of buyers keen to view both existing and new listings once guidelines permit! (They have already done the virtual viewings and keen to visit in person!).

The demand is certainly still there, and when one buyer had to pull out of a sale due to a disappointing result from a lender, we managed to agree another sale the same day to another buyer who had also viewed before lockdown.

We continue to subscribe to the belief that our local property market is, and will remain, a positive one, and that the prospects once the market opens up fully, are really good for the balance of this year and into the next.

Why you ask, when we have doom and gloom in some of the press?

Simply look at where we are geographically, and recognise the change taking place in people’s minds, as to what will, in the future, be their ideal place to live, work, and bring up a family – maybe even for early retirement?

Stay safe.