Communication is key…

A great number of people in the UK, whether they are single, in a relationship, or a family, are re-evaluating their lives, and indeed their futures, and future aspirations.

As those who read our comments and thoughts will know, we believe this “new world” thinking will impact on our local and regional property market in many different ways.

Communication is, and will continue to be, all important when considering a property move (whether renting or buying), and not just the physical communication by train, bus, car, or plane – perhaps the biggest change will be digital communication!

Virtual viewings of properties, both to rent or buy, are taking place as you read this, and while certain parts of the region have some of the very fastest of broadband connections in the country, sadly others have probably the slowest!

In many cases, factors like these will have an effect on the value, sale, or rentability of the property.

Whether planning a move or not, homeowners and landlords should take action, especially in rural locations, to try to generate a focus on achieving good mobile signal and / or broadband connections for their properties.

Communities large and small, urban and rural, need to get together and start making digital communication better – it can be done – just ask anyone connected to B4RN!