Rental Property in High Demand!


With all the uncertainty over what we can and can’t do during the latest lockdown, and the various rumours floating around over whether restrictions are going to be tightened or lifted, it’s easy to forget people still need somewhere to live.

In our lovely part of the world, the rental market is seeing huge numbers of people looking for a new home to rent. Indeed, just this week, within 48hrs of putting a couple of properties live on the market, we were inundated with over 70, yes 70, enquiries! (Needless to say, the properties were let the following day!)

Although it’s a great result for the lucky new tenants, sadly, it also means lots of people missed out, and we desperately need more properties in order to help more of those waiting to find their next home. If you have a property, and are thinking about letting it out, please do get in touch with the lettings team today.

Whilst the sales market has slowed a little due to the restrictions, we are still very busy assisting the record number of buyers and sellers who have already agreed sales, to get their property through to completion (with many of them hoping the government gives in, and extends the stamp duty holiday beyond the end of March!).

We completely understand many people will not want to move at the moment (and if you don’t need to go out, please help those around you by playing your part and staying at home and help to reduce the spread), but there are also those who need to move, and we are doing our best to help wherever possible.

If you do need help with your next move, we are here for you,

Caring about you and your property.

Stay Safe.