Top Tip #4 – Making a Good First Impression

Take a look at the front of your house. Would you get a good first impression?

Whether you’re about to sell your home, or just want to feel great about living there, the exterior is just as important as your interior, and it’s often overlooked!

Studies show some buyers will have made up their mind about a property before even stepping through the door! (some don’t even get that far!).

The Front Door What does your front door look like? A fresh coat of paint and a new knocker, number or letterbox can instantly transform the front of your home. (same goes for your windows!)

(if you do fancy a change of colour, Studies show blue appears to be the most enticing whether its a pastel or duck egg shade or more of a midnight blue! (if blue isn’t your thing, green came in as 2nd choice!).

Do your external walls need a clean or a lick of paint?

Power washing is a great way to freshen up the look of your property, clean those walls, and don’t forget your paths and driveways while you’re at it!

External Lighting Perhaps not as much of an issue in summer, but think about when you get home on a dark evening – can you see where you are going or where the step is? If any of your viewings are in the evening (we carry them out 7 days a week including the evenings!) will the prospective buyers trip on anything?

Even if those aren’t considerations, would your home look better and be more welcoming to your visitors if it was lit up?

The Front Garden Do you have a front garden? If so, make sure it’s in tip top shape. Trim back those hedges, mow those lawns and get those paths clear. See our Gardening Top Tips for more ideas!

Selling Tips!

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the property, make sure the front of your property is clear, and if possible, remove your cars off the driveway (so they can imagine theirs there!)

Caring about you and your property!