Five ways to deter Spiders from entering your home

It’s that time of year again! Here’s some useful tips to keep those spiders at bay.


Lavender is detested by spiders. Deter them from entering your home by soaking cotton wool balls in lavender oil and placing them around your home.


This is another scent that spiders find repulsive.

White Vinegar

Utilise a mixture of white vinegar and water not only for cleaning but also to repel spiders. Spraying this solution in corners and at entry points deters spiders from entering your home.

Close the gaps

Seal gaps and install window netting to prevent spiders from entering. Window netting not only thwarts spiders but also keeps out other pests like wasps and flies.


Regularly cleaning your home will help deter spiders from entering and staying in it, as they cannot settle anywhere.

Caring about you and your property.