Top Tip #3 – Kitchen Makeovers (they don’t have to cost a fortune!)

It doesn’t always take a brand new kitchen renovation or thousands of pounds to recreate your kitchen space.

Sometimes a lick of paint and some simple changes can do the trick!

2023 Kitchen trends suggest Kitchen palettes are moving towards earthy and muted tones, and it’s much cheaper to reface or paint your cabinets than to fork out on brand new! (just make sure to research the correct paint and best processes). If you are about to sell your home, be wary of using wonderfully whacky colours as they might not be to everyone’s taste!

Changing even the smallest of fixtures can instantly modernise a kitchen from feature lights to statement taps.

Think about the space in your kitchen and how to create the most out of it.

Can you add a dining area or entertaining space?

Breaking up your kitchen into different zones can also allow for a more sociable experience.

If you’re short on space try and make use of your walls, they’re perfect for shelving, hanging up your utensils, or if you have enough natural light, a wall mounted herb garden can add a fresh feel to your kitchen.

Selling Tips!

Studies show the kitchen is one of the most valuable parts to your home (and rightly so when you consider how much of your time you spend there!) If you’re expecting viewings, the number one priority is to have your kitchen sparkling clean and clutter free. It’s a good idea to tidy those cupboards too in case those sneaky viewers take a peak (it can be a little embarrassing if you try and hide the dirty pans in the one cupboard they choose to open!).

Try to keep your kitchen light and airy, fix any broken bulbs and add a lamp to darker areas. Get the coffee on or have some bread baking to create wonderful kitchen smells to attractive potential buyers.

Caring about you and your property