Make the Best First Impression – Summer Garden

It’s true a great looking garden can help sell a home, but even if you are staying put, why not maximise your enjoyment of it?

The basic tasks can immediately transform your garden, whether its weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, or cleaning the patio (it’s also quite satisfying to sit and look at the result!).

Adding colour through the use of plants, painting the fence, revamping old garden furniture or adding garden ornaments, can all help to add a focal point or new aspect to you garden.

Bringing in more light by trimming back overgrown hedges and trees will not only allow your lawns and plants to flourish, but the extra sunshine can also be enjoyed by you too! (You could even try adding some solar or mains powered, soft or hidden lighting, to extend your enjoyment into the evenings!).

Making your garden feel bigger by adding features such as mirrors or dividers, can help add an extra dimension to your garden, creating the impression of more space. You could of course actually make it bigger by changing the shape of the lawn, flowerbed or parking area, but the first option is probably a little easier to achieve!

Selling tip!

Most people buy or move for a change in lifestyle, and gardens are one of the top features house hunters look out for. If you’re Selling and have viewings coming up, try setting up a table with glasses and a bottle of wine and candles, or maybe lay it for lunch, so any potential purchasers can see what they could be enjoying if they were to buy your home!