Stamp Duty Holiday Part 2

Stamp duty holiday for 265 days from today!

Well we didn’t imagine that the esteemed Chancellor Rishi Sunak would this week, provide us with a really positive, helpful, and cost saving topic for the local and national property market – but he did bless him!

As many of you will already know our local property market is generally buoyant, and in some areas extremely active. Those who follow these updates will have seen last week’s that referred to simply excellent activity and results in June (in several of our offices they were better than June 2019!).

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Stamp Duty Holiday

Breaking News – Stamp Duty Holiday

The government have announced they are increasing the threshold at which you start paying Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) from £125,000 to £500,000 with immediate effect!

This could save you thousands on your purchase.

The stamp duty holiday applies from midnight last night, which means that anyone completing a purchase of a main residence today will still get the benefit. (Which could be worth nearly £15,000 for a property priced at just under the £500,000 top limit!).

Those people buying a home over the £500,000 limit, will save on the SDLT due up to half a million pounds, but will still have to start paying the duty at 5% for the amount paid above £500,000, rising to 10% and 12% for the most expensive properties.

It is estimated the tax break will cost the Treasury £3.8bn, and is due to last until March 2021.

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The New Normal

Here we are at the beginning of July – it seemed so far away back in March didn’t it?

We have talked to you on many topics since the start of the pandemic, some of which we hope were useful!

We have also been criticised by some who were of a mind to believe what they read in the papers, where doom and gloom were being preached, and we even lost a sale as a result of a buyer being given negative advice (as it turns out, it was from a professional advisor!).

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What a Week!

It started with 15 offers on Monday alone, and has just carried on! (at the time of writing it currently stands at 60 – at this rate we are going to run out of property to sell!!).

But we digress, and this week as promised, we continue with our thoughts, comments, and advice, to existing and would be Landlords of residential property, across this wonderful region.

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Preparation… Part 2 (Buyers)

Hello again, and we do hope you have had a good and safe week.

Following on from our comments for those selling their homes, we now move on to our thoughts for Home Buyers (Purchasers), and using our experience, hope to offer some comments and insight that will be both useful, and even interesting, to those seeking to buy a home, whether it be for the first time, a change to a bigger or smaller home, or as will be perhaps the case for many, that you have decided to move to a new location or area where you want to live – work – retire or holiday in!

(Even the national press has started to comment on the changing agenda of some property seekers, who are now targeting areas to live in that they may not have done just a couple of months ago!).

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The New Normal

Quite a lot of comment is being made about the UK’s return to the “new normal”.

With that in mind, we thought we would share with you our views on what will influence that normal in the property world, both locally and nationally.

There is still a lot of doom and gloom being predicted despite “Happy Monday” (June 1st!) being just around the corner.

This is mainly down to the fact that the economic forecasters relate too much to the stock market, and not enough to the property market (which is actually what helps drive the economy!).

A recent insight by a ‘behavioural’ economist (in whom we have a little more faith than we do the doom mongering newspaper editors), gave us a rather different viewpoint.

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